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Competencies you will gain after completion of the 12 week program

At the end of this 12 week program you will be able to successfully groom a dog hands on from start to finish. The experienced gained in this program will allow you to obtain an entry level job in the grooming industry.

The Student will also be able to describe the duties of a pet groomer and how to establish a grooming business, along with the basics of customs service and pricing, phone precedures and record keeping.

Discuss the historical background of each breed and identify the anatomy, health and skin care of the dog.
Identify grooming hand tools & equipment to describe their uses, as well as equipment maintenance. Understanding the maintenance and care of crates, tails and kennels.

Recognize the basic personalities of different dogs, and how to groom dogs with behaviour problems.

Preparation of dogs for grooming, combing, brushing, cleaning ears and (or) plucking and nail clipping.

Bathing & Drying – procedures for using shampoos, conditioners and flea products.

Explain basic bathing and drying techniques.

Discussion of grooming patterns – procedures to treat matted dogs. Shaving down the dog and choosing paper style.

These are the competencies you will gain at the end of this 12 week program.