About Wizard of Pawz Dog Grooming Academy

In 1975 Brenda at the age of 18 years old wanted to work in the grooming industry.  There was no such program in Eastern Canada to teach the trade, so she attended a private grooming school in Worcester Massachusetts USA.  After 12 weeks she returned fully certified to be a professional dog groomer. Brenda started grooming on her own and opened a business in 1977 on Pacific Ave, but she got very busy, and needed help. Her mother Blanche decided to attend the same grooming school in 1978. 12 weeks later Blanche returned and they worked as a team until 1979.


Brenda's Bio

Brenda was born in Toronto in 1957 and moved to several cities including Salem Massachusetts, USA. Brenda has always had a love for animals, in particular dogs.


Blanche's Bio

Blanche was born in 1936 in New Brunswick to a large family of 13 brothers and sisters. She began working at the age of 13 years old in many different jobs, from waitressing, to odd jobs.